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For surfing in the Cinque Terre we have to move to the nearby Levanto. With rough sea, when the libeccio or the mistral blows, it guarantees wonderful waves, inside the wide sandy bay. There are five spots where you can surf:

- La Pietra, the easternmost point, with a sandy bottom, sheltered by the artificial dam and therefore surfable even with strong storms.

- Casino, with a sandy bottom, located up to the first of the two small piers, with a long left wave with medium-large storm surges.

- Pipetta, to the right of the pier, with mixed seabed. At the height of the peak there is a submerged dam.

- Nadia, in front of the same bar, with mixed seabed and outcropping rocks. Frequent and high waves.
- La Gritta, the westernmost spot, with a rocky and dry seabed emerging in the center.

For any information and surf and paddlesurf courses, refer to the Brothersurf association:
Via Jacopo da Levanto 15/B
Via Amerigo Vespucci 1, 19015 Levanto
Tel: 393 1835417, 0187 807561