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Production area
The production area of Cinque Terre DOC and sciacchetrà falls within the territory of the Cinque Terre National Park. The area is characterized by terraces hard worked by man and by the famous dry stone walls. They protect the plants from the wind, with the cultivated vines lying, in the maximum height of one meter, and reflect the sun favoring the ripening of the grapes. The vines are favored by easily permeable soils, a mild climate and sun exposure.
Fig trees are strategically placed to give shade in moments of rest and agaves to indicate the borders and the outlet for the narrow streets on the steep stone stairs.

Cinque Terre wines have been literally famous for centuries. Already in Roman times Pliny celebrated the wines of the area, amphorae bearing the name of "Cornelia" were found in Pompeii, containing Corniglia wine. In medieval times Boccaccio recalls the wine of Corniglia in the Decameron and Petrarca mentions Monterosso and Corniglia again in the poem Africa, about the wine of the area.
And so on over the centuries, until 1920, when phylloxera destroyed all the vineyards, which were then replanted with American vines.
1973 is an important year, with the creation of the social cellar and the agricultural cooperative, which since then have carried out the recovery of terraces and dry stone walls with the help of the Cinque Terre National Park, established in 1999.

- Bosco: minimum 60%
- Albarola: up to 20%
- Vermentino: up to 20%

Color: more or less intense straw yellow, lively;
Bouquet: intense, clear, fine, persistent;
Taste: dry, pleasant, savory, characteristic;
Minimum total acidity: 5.0 g / l.

Type of wines
The most popular wines famous wines of the Cinque Terre are the Cinque Terre Bianco DOC wine and the fine Schiacchetrà fortified wine. Even the limoncino is very popular, obtained from the lemons of the area.
The Sciacchetrà it is obtained with Vermentino, Bosco and Albarola grapes, left to dry on special racks in the cool, until late autumn. The beans have a high sugar concentration.

The wines of the "Coste" (i.e. the name of the production area) are born from the separate vinification of grapes from some historical areas:

Costa de Campu of Manarola
Costa de Sera of Riomaggiore
Costa da Posa of Volastra.

Cinque Terre Biancho DOC and wines from the Coste:
- salted anchovies
- seafood salads
- Ligurian pasta: pansotti, trofie, renette
- risotto alla marinara
- second courses based on fish: turbot, sea bass, sea bream, cappon magro
- vegetable pies, focaccia, farinata

Sciacchetrà :
- spicy cheeses
- dry pastries
- Genoa pandolce
- sweets with almonds or hazelnuts

Other grapes
- The grapes for table wines are the "galletta", "regina di Puglia", "moscatella" and "albarola".
- The grapes for sweet or dry white wines are "albarola trebbiana", "biancorotto", "bruciapagliaio", "piccabon".
- For table whites: "fiore di bosco", "rappolungo", "fogliaccia", "ruspara" and "sesagra".
- The black sciacchetrà is obtained instead with the "magnagra".

Wine farms
The recovery of the vineyards, terraces and dry stone walls could not be possible without the commitment of the various farms present in the Cinque Terre. This section describes all the farms, producing wine, but also honey and oil, of the Cinque Terre:
Cinque Terre farms.

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