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Miele delle Cinque Terre

The typical products of the Cinque Terre have to do with the two main activities that have characterized the territory over the centuries: fishing and agriculture.
On the one hand the sea, on the other the land, difficult to tame, between steep slopes and small plots conquered by hoeing. These are the famous terraced fields of the Cinque Terre, a World Heritage Site, heroically cultivated with vines, olive trees and, to a lesser extent, with lemons.
From here come unique typical products:

- Sciacchetrà wine: fine sweet and fortified wine made with Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino grapes.

- The Cinque Terre DOC white wine: obtained with the same grapes as the sciacchetrà.

- Monterosso anchovies: fished in June/July and eaten fried or in brine.

- Lemons: from which we also obtain limoncino, sweets and jams.

- Honey: thanks to the great variety of vegetation.

- Olive oil: obtained from centuries-old olive trees, also used for pesto, together with the basil of the Cinque Terre.