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La spiaggia di Monterosso
Monterosso beach


The Cinque Terre have a jagged profile along the five miles of rocky coastline enclosed by two promontories. Rocks overlooking the sea, small coves, bays, ravines, beaches between cliffs create a unique landscape with crystal-clear sea.
Monterosso has the most famous beach, wuth sand and pebbles and the classic umbrellas and chairs. At Corniglia and Riomaggiore instead, the shore is shingle and pebbles, while in Vernazza and Manarola, there are smooth rocks.
The beach of Fegina in Monterosso is located just across from the train station. Just walking along the sea, over the castle, there is the beach in front of the old village. In Vernazza, it is possible to swim in the small harbor where you can lay your towel. The same in Manarola, while in Corniglia and you can reach the beach of Guvano, descending towards the sea in a deviation from the path Corniglia-Vernazza. In Riomaggiore finally, past the tunnel of the station, you go down to the harbor and keeping to the left, you arrive to the stony beach.