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The village of Volastra is located on a hill above Manarola. Surrounded by terraces, vineyards and olive trees, it is about 300 meters high. It owes its name to the presence of olive trees, the Roman "Vicus Oleaster". The first founding inhabitants of Manarola went down to the sea from Volastra.

Circular village, the houses follow the shape of the hill like an amphitheater, where the narrow paved alleys develop, flanked by the typical colored houses. At the beginning of the village stands the the sanctuary of Our Madonna della Salute from the 12th century, sanctuary of Manarola, celebrated on 5 August.

Numerous paths and trekking routes that pass through the village, the main ones are:

506: Manarola - Volastra (Santuario di Nostra Signora della Salute) - Sella Monte Marvede
530 Telegrafo - Volastra
585 (ex 6b) Volastra - Sella Monte Galera
586 (ex 6D) Volastra - Case Pianca