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Visit Vernazza in one day, what should we absolutely not miss in the Cinque Terre village?
To get there, the best way is the train, more comfortable and simple. Many trains from the end of March to October, three per hour approximately and also for the rest of the year at least one per hour. By car, the road is winding and the car parks (paid parking) are more than one km from the town.

The recommended itinerary in Vernazza starts from the exit of the train station. Going down the main alley, Via Roma, you will quickly reach the suggestive church of Santa Margherita of Antiochia, built by the sea, in front of the square and the marina. From here a staircase on the left, next to the Gianni Franzi hotel, leads to the Doria castle, Genoese defensive legacy.

Instead of retracing our steps, you can discover the characteristic Via San Giovanni Battista and Via Carattino, from where the blue path to Corniglia begins. Going up for a few meters in this direction we admire the Vernazza tower and an unforgettable view of the village.

At this point we go back down towards Via Roma and shortly after the chapel of Santa Marta di Betania, we turn right taking the staircase that begins the path to Monterosso, coming out above the church of Santa Margherita and admiring another wonderful view of the village.

Retracing our steps, we can go up to the left along Via San Francesco, up to the ancient convent of San Francesco, where the town hall is located today, and go down again near the train station.

If you are in Vernazza in the summer, take a swim in the the small beach of the marina.

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