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The Walk of Love


Currently closed, the reopening of the Via dell'Amore could take place in 2024.

The Via dell'Amore is a paved road overlooking the sea that unites Riomaggiore and Manarola in just over a kilometer. Considered the biggest attraction of the Cinque Terre, due to its suggestive views, the Via dell'Amore is part of the Verde Azzurro path (SVA2, 592-1) which connects the Cinque Terre villages along the coast line.
Until a few years ago known only as the Blue Trail, due to the landslide and fragility of the area, it is not always accessible in its entire length. The Via dell'Amore has unfortunately been closed since 2012, following a landslide. In 2015 a small stretch on the Manarola side was reopened, of about 200 meters. The path is paved, equipped with railings and practically flat at about thirty meters high.

Its construction can be considered a side effect and a chance. In 1920, the works for the construction of the double track of the railway along the Genoa-La Spezia section led to the creation of this road as a deposit for the explosive material necessary for controlled explosions. At the end of the works, the inhabitants gradually began to use the path, much more comfortable and faster than the ancient mule track connecting the two villages, the Via Beccara.

The name was perhaps given by an anonymous who wrote at the beginning and end of the road: Via dell'Amore. The extreme beauty caused an important increase in tourists and lovers from all over the world. During the nineties it remained closed for some time, due to the danger of landslides. In the 2000s it was almost always open, being closed for about a year after the flood of autumn 2011.

The works to reopen the Walk of Love have started in 2024 and may take place in 2024 or 2024.
The Via dell'Amore can be used with the Cinque Terre Card.
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