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Journey time: 1 hour and 30 minutes. (Return: 2 hours)
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 2,521 km
Difference in altitude: 372 mt

Path 504 comes from Biassa and begins in front of the small church of Sant'Antonio.

It descends on an asphalted road for about 500 meters and then turns right into the woods, remaining a road almost always paved up to an open space. Continue following the signs for path 504:

At the crossroads with path 536 for Monesteroli, keep left. The path becomes narrower and continues to descend along an easy stairway to the fountain of Nozzano, where path 535 to Campiglia also arrives.
Continue downhill until reaching a small slope that takes you back to the paved road:

The path then continues up to Schiara, keeping to the left and along the paved streets to the small village church.


Journey time: 50 minutes. (Return: 30 minutes)
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 0.798 km
Difference in altitude: 220 mt

This variant branches off on the left from path 535 Campiglia-Monesteroli, a few hundred meters after Campiglia:

A steep staircase descends towards Schiara between walls of vineyards passing from the nucleus of Costa di Schiara to the small church of Sant'Antonio, where path 504 also arrives.

Campiglia - Punta Persico

Journey time: 40 minutes. (Return: 1 hour and 30 minutes)
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 1,278 km
Difference in altitude: 358 mt

From Campiglia proceed towards the sea, starting from the square in front of the church of Santa Caterina. Go along the paved road for a short distance and then turn left and take the Tramonti staircase. Between vineyards and olive groves, go down to Il Chioso, where the path to the Navone (528V) begins.
Continue to descend steeply, paying close attention to Case Persico, with the beautiful mulberry tree among the few houses. The staircase becomes more bumpy until you reach the Persico beach, made up of large pebbles.

Case Cimo - Case Persico

Journey time: 20 minutes.
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 0.367 km
Difference in altitude: 46 m

Short connection path between paths 528 and 528V, which allows to go from Case Cimo to Case Persico without going up to Il Chioso. Known as Via del Predao, it crosses abandoned sandstone quarries halfway up the coast without particular slopes.

Chioso - Navone

Journey time: 40 minutes.
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 0.481 km

The path is a branch of the route 528 Campiglia-Persico. From Il Chioso it proceed between some houses and dry stone walls, descending steeply towards the sea.

Sant'Antonio - Fossola

Journey time: 45 minutes. (Return: 1 hour and 25 minutes)
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 1,164 km
Difference in altitude: 304 mt

Sant'Antonio, in the hills of La Spezia, is a crossroads of numerous paths with a large area equipped with wooden tables. Path 504 starts from here going down a wide stone mule track, passes by the locality of Casotti and descends to the village of Fossola.

Campiglia - Monesteroli

Journey time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (return: 1 hour and 45 minutes).

Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 3,756 km
Difference in altitude: 199 mt

From Campiglia take Vico Codemin and soon the road becomes a path. Between terraces descend crossing the 504C which leads to Schiara, while the route keep going until it crosses the Schiara ditch and the Sant'Antonio-Schiara asphalted road.
Go down the carriage road to the next hairpin bend and the Nozzano fountain, continuing downhill to the left. There is another crossroads, this time with route 536 to Monesteroli, always downhill to then enter a wooded stretch that surrounds the Fosso di Reboi. Continuing up to Fossola, go up the steps and follow the carriage road.

Crossroads 504 - Monesteroli

Journey time: 40 minutes. (Return: 1 hour and 10 minutes)
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 0.911 km
Difference in altitude: 408 mt

Route 536 branches off from 504 at an altitude of 417 meters, near some isolated buildings. It goes downhill along a stone mule track and meets route 535 coming from Campiglia.
Continue to go down the steps towards Monesteroli, the "Scalinata Grande", Great Staircase, you have to be very careful because the slope is very high.

Telegrafo - Punta Pineda

Journey time: 1 hour and 40 minutes. (Return: 2 hours and 30 minutes)
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 1,480 km
Difference in altitude: 480 mt

From Colle del Telegrafo, the path shares for a very short stretch the one for the sanctuary of Montenero, which it leaves immediately to go down to the left towards the sea:

The small road goes into the woods and then through cultivated land until it meets the SP370 near the Borgo di Campi:

After crossing the road, you go down among olive groves. The last part before the sea is particularly demanding.