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The Monterosso-Vernazza path.

Travel time: 2 hours and 15 minutes. (Return: 2 hours)
Difficulty: EE - Experts
Lenght: 3.668 km

From Piazza Garibaldi walk until the Hotel Porto Roca, along the sea cliff. Here it begins the climb among the vineyards, alternating steep narrow staircases and short flat parts. The trail follows the ridge of the hill and continues in the internal Acquapendente Valley. Passing a spur, over the Rio Molinaro, it begins the slight descent leading to Vernazza, with unforgettable vantage panoramas as the Scoglio del Frate or Punta Linà. Approaching the goal, the trail descends sharply towards the town, offering postcard views and reaching Via Ettore Vernazza and the main road.

Monterosso - Madonna di Soviore

The Monterosso-Madonna di Soviore path

Travel time: 1 hour and 45 minutes. (Return: 1 hour)
Difficulty: E - Medium
Lenght: 2.467 km

Historic mule track between Monterosso and the sanctuary, the route begins in the historic center, climbing along Via Roma, the carriage road that crosses the village, until you take the stairway to the right towards the sanctuary. Between terraced bands of olive trees and lemon orchards, the path proceeds uphill becoming a mule track, in some points a path and even partly asphalted until it crosses the carriage road to Monterosso. After the road, you continue in a wood of chestnut and acacia, resuming to be a mule track. In the locality of Santa Maddalena we meet the "Cappella del Ritrovamento", where according to tradition the figure of the Madonna conserved in the sanctuary was found. Now in sight of the sanctuary, the path ends with the few steps that connect the sanctuary with the SP 51 above.

Monterosso - Sant'Antonio Mesco

The route starts near the statue of the Giant.

Journey time: 1 hour and 15 minutes. (Return: 1 hour)
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 2,493 km
Difference in altitude: 301 meters

The path begins at the end of the Fegina beach, near the statue of the Giant. Going up a staircase and then a stretch of asphalted road, you reach the Hotel Bellevue. Keep on climbing through some rough stairs and dirt trail. Cross path 591 towards Levanto till the remains of the hermitage of Sant'Antonio del Mesco. The trail goes down to Levanto now.