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Journey time: 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Difficulty: E - Hiking
Length: 2.184 km

From the church of San Pietro in Corniglia, cross the paved road to return to the blue path, towards the Lardarina, the long staircase of 382 steps that leads to the train station. Continue along the coastal road parallel to the tracks, which follows the top of the railroad retaining wall. Then, having passed the Molinello stream, you cross the Europa Village area and continue between the hillside and the sea, on the long but narrow beach of Corniglia. The path passes through the old disused tunnel of the Asciutta valley and then continues uphill, overcoming a hill beyond which Manarola can be seen. Go up the promontory of Punta Buonfiglio and after passing a marble image dedicated to the Madonna, which indicates the intersection with the path to Volastra, continue among the dry stone walls. You meet the cemetery and then descend into the inhabited area arriving from the suggestive pedestrian promenade "Palaedo" towards the main street of Manarola.


The path of the trail Corniglia-Vernazza

Journey time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 4,137 km

From the church of San Pietro, take Via Serra, leaving the town along a narrow paved road. Cross the paved road and continue to descend via the canal bridge over the Rio Groppo, and then go up again through two high dry stone walls to some terraced strips of land planted with olive trees. The paved road continues to climb up to the bridge over the Fosso del Canaletto, and again on becoming a stone mule track, in some places with stairs. Here there is a panoramic point, with Corniglia at the bottom and the valley with the beach of Guvano.
Continue to climb until you reach the village of Prevo (280 meters), and then continue on a slight slope among olive groves up to the stairway that descends to the steep coast of Macereto. Vernazza appears in all its splendor, always continuing to descend towards Via Roma and the town square.

Corniglia - Cigoletta

The beginning of the Corniglia - Cigoletta route.

Journey time: 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 2,363 km
Difference in altitude: 502 mt

From the church of Corniglia, take a staircase in an alley on the left side of the church of San Pietro, continue for a few meters and turn left, following the white and red sign of path 587. After passing a fountain, the path climbs steeply along a staircase, between gardens and vineyards, in some cases abandoned. Always uphill, you cross a pine forest, meeting path 586 coming from Volastra.
Continue to climb into the woods as far as Case Pianca (460 m), cross the asphalted road, SP51, follow it for about 200 meters uphill and take a steep path entering a holm oak wood to come out on the western Sella di Monte Marvede at the Cigoletta at 612 mt.

Vernazza - San Bernardino

Journey time: 2 hours and 20 minutes. (Return: 1 hour and 30 minutes)
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 1.44 km
Difference in altitude: 588 mt

From Vernazza the path branches off from 592 to about 250 meters, rapidly climbing the ridge through vineyards at high altitude, partly abandoned, along a steep escarpment. When you reach a private road, turn right up to the Sella di Comeneco, cross the provincial road to Corniglia and continue to the sanctuary of San Bernardino.

San Bernardino - Cigoletta

Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 1.73 km
Difference in altitude: 226 mt

The route starts from the square of the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Grazie in San Bernardino, goes up into the woods, intersecting twice with the road to Corniglia, touches the provincial road 51 and goes up to Case Fornacchi. From here it continues along a dirt road up to the Cigoletta pass at 611 meters.

Santuario della Madonna di Reggio - Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Grazie

Journey time: 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Difficulty: EE - Expert hikers
Length: 4,633 km
Difference in altitude: 198 mt

The path joins the two sanctuaries of Vernazza and Corniglia, along a half-coast path that retraces the ancient Via dei Santuari.
From the sanctuary of the Madonna di Reggio, where there is an equipped area, the route climbs along an asphalted stretch, joins the provincial road, which follows for about 200 meters towards Vernazza, and then leaves it taking an uphill path on the left.
Among the olive groves we touch the localities of Rocche, Casa Fontanella and Case Pollazzo, always uphill until you reach the locality of Le Stalle and the wood of Valle di Bona. Now you continue among terraced vineyards and after Case Buecia you go down towards the locality of Teasca, cross the ditch of Re Molino until you arrive in the woods at the village of Muro Superiore. Among vineyards, you reach the locality of Seroa up to the asphalted road which you walk on for a short while crossing path 507 near the sanctuary of San Bernardino.