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The Cinque Terre from Milan

- 1. How to get
- 2. What to see
- 3. How to get around
- 4. Trekking trails
- 5. Book your trip from Genoa
- 6. What to see in Genoa in one day

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The train is the most recommended means of transport. There is an intercity train that arrives directly in Monterosso in about 3 hours, with several daily runs from 6 am to 9 pm. Otherwise the best combination is a change in Genova Brignole (3 hours 2 30 minutes). The same for the return, with the last intercity at 19.00.

For the remaining train stations of the Cinque Terre, at least one change is required, in Levanto (3 hours and 20 minutes), in Sestri Levante (4 hours and 15 minutes) or in La Spezia Centrale (3 hours and 30 minutes). There are many combinations and include Intercity, Regional and Frecciabianca.
The best way to check timetables is through the Trenitalia website.
From La Spezia it is possible to take the boat, but perhaps it is more comfortable as an excursion on another day: Cinque Terre by boat.

For those who want to take the car, the distances and times are:
- Milan-Riomaggiore: 3 hours, 235 km, toll € 22.60, fuel € 28.

- Milan-Manarola: 3 hours, 235 km, toll 22 euros, fuel 28 euros.

- Milan-Corniglia: 3 hours and 30 minutes, 245 km, toll € 17, fuel € 27.

- Milan-Vernazza: 3 hours and 30 minutes, 245 km, toll € 17, fuel € 27.

- Milan-Monterosso: 3 hours and 10 minutes, 235 km, toll € 17, fuel € 25.

Up to Riomaggiore and Manarola the road is quite simple. Instead for Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, it becomes narrow and winding. One possibility is La Spezia and take the train or the boat as above.

Detailed informations on how to get to each village:

  • How to get to Riomaggiore?
  • How to get to Manarola?
  • How to get to Corniglia?
  • How to get to Vernazza?
  • How to get to Monterosso?

  • Detailed information on where to park in each village:
  • Parking in Riomaggiore
  • Parking in Manarola
  • Parking in Corniglia
  • Parking in Vernazza
  • Parking in Monterosso

  • 2. WHAT TO SEE

    We have now arrived, now what ??? Villages or paths? A tour of the villages is mandatory, here is an itinerary to see the five villages in about 6 hours, moving by train:
    The Cinque Terre in a day by train.

    Or if you stay for one night:
    The Cinque Terre in two days (one night).


    Very recommende to get around and visit all five villages by train is the purchase of the Cinque Terre Card Train, which allows you an unlimited number of trips with the Cinque Terre Express.
    Here you will find the Cinque Terre train timetable.


    There are many trekking trails in the Cinque Terre, choose which one to do. The most traveled are the Manarola-Volastra-Corniglia, Corniglia-Vernazza and Vernazza-Monterosso. Choose your trekking in the Cinque Terre.


    Do you prefer not to think about the organization and sit comfortably on a bus from Milan? Here are some suggestions:


    And if you want to visit Milan from the Cinque Terre instead, for those who spend several days in this area. Here what to visit in one day:

    - Milan Cathedral - Il Duomo: the highest example of Gothic art in Italy.

    - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: a 19th century shopping gallery. Stomp on the balls of the bull that brings good luck...
    - Piazza della Scala: with the world famous theater.

    Via Montenapoleone: the fashion street, with the shops of the most famous houses.

    - Brera district: the artists' quarter.

    - Castello Sforzesco: castle from the 15th century, built at the behest of Francesco Sforza. Today it houses museums and exhibitions.

    - Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie: admire the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.

    - Columns of San Lorenzo: late Roman construction in front of the basilica of San Lorenzo.