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Schiara is the largest village in the Tramonti area together with Fossola. It probably owes its name to the fact that it is the first of the villages to receive the morning sun.

Schiara is made up of houses hanging from the hill, joined by paved streets, ancient cellars of the inhabitants of Biassa, with a small church dedicated to Sant'Antonio.

From here a staircase of seven hundred steps descends to the sea, to Scao, where there are some fishermen's huts. It is not a beach, but a stopover.

Map of Schiara

How to get there
The easiest way to get to Schiara is on foot along the path 504 Sant'Antonio-Schiara (a couple of hours, about 2.5 km) which starts from the church of Sant'Antonio near the Colle del Telegrafo:

Initially it is an asphalt road, which then at the junction with the AVG becomes a road almost always paved up to an open space. Continue following the signs for path 504:

You arrive at the junction with path 536 for Monesteroli and keep left continuing for 504. The path narrows becoming a mule track, intersects a monorail for grape harvesting and continues to descend along an easy staircase that leads to the fountain of Nozzano, where the path 535 to Campiglia also arrives.
There are now only 250 meters left. Continue downhill until you reach a small hill that takes us back to the paved road:

Path 504 continues downhill and then climbs up until you see the first roofs of Schiara, then descends through the vineyards until you reach the small church at 175 meters above sea level.

Another possibility is the path 535 Campiglia-Monesteroli, which then connects with the 504C Schiara - Innesto sent. 535.
The beginning of the path 535:

The 535 proceeds along the hillside, first a path open to the sea, then entering the woods, where, before a stone wall, the 504C descends on the left:

Continuing instead we arrive at the asphalted road, connecting to the previous route.

Leave the car at Colle del Telegrafo to continue on foot towards the church of Sant'Antonio or in Campiglia, before the village, along both sides of the road. The roadway is not very large.

Lo Scao
The descent to the sea from Schiara is only for expert hikers given the very steep slope and the very uneven steps, be very careful. There is no real beach in Schiara, but a stopover, the "Scao" in fact, with still small fishermen's shacks abandoned. From the church it takes about 30 minutes.

In fact it is very important to prepare well to walk this path and the staircase. Some advices:

  • You need to be in good physical shape, especially for the ascent
  • Bring enough water and something light and practical to eat
  • No shade or shelter along the path. Do not travel in case of rain or bad weather and in the hottest hours
  • Very steep slopes. Completely not recommended for those suffering from vertigo
  • Wear suitable shoes and clothing. No flip flops
  • The travel time is far from precise, especially for the ascent