Riomaggiore in one day
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Let's discover Riomaggiore in one day, what cannot be missed in the beautiful Cinque Terre village?

You have enough time to get lost among the alleys of Riomaggiore and its stairways, to discover the most hidden corners of the village.

The recommended itinerary starts from the train station, taking the tunnel that leads to the town. We arrive directly in the main street, Via Colombo, under Piazza del Vignaiolo. From here we turn right going down the stairs under the railway that lead to the Marina. Here was the district of Malborghetto, swept away by the construction of the tracks with the demolition of some houses.
The stairs then descend towards the Trogi, the ancient wash houses, which can still be sensed under the terrace of the Rio Bistrot restaurant. Continuing, on the left you can see a series of arches, the loggia called Poggio, where the fishing boats rest.
If we take the stairs on the left of the small port, we proceed towards the pebble beach of Riomaggiore and the boat dock. Going up to the right, however, continue to the district of Sant'Antonio, named after the small oratory of Sant'Antonio Abate, the oldest religious building in Riomaggiore. The stairs lead to Pidapünta a little known square with a wonderful view. Continuing to go up we take Via Sant'Antonio, which leads to the oratory and then through the narrow vicolo Sorchetto reaches the castle along the steep stairway of the Tagliata.
Behind the castle is the oratory of San Rocco and in a short time you will reach the beautiful square of the church of San Giovanni Battista, the patron saint of Riomaggiore. Next to the iron cross in the square, two stairways descend that lead to Via Colombo, the main road. The one on the right is called the Scinto.
If, on the other hand, we continue, we arrive at the Valle district, named after a tributary torrent stream of the Rio Maggiore, where the ancient entrance door of the village is located, which then leads into the small square of the district Compagnia, with the oratory of Santa Maria Assunta stands. Now descending towards the starting point, Piazza del Vignaiolo, you pass by the district of Ponte, located above the riverbed and once crossed by small bridges.

For trekking lovers, in one day in Riomaggiore it is possible to walk one of the two main open paths (the Via dell'Amore is closed for 2023): the 593V that leads to the sanctuary of Montenero, about an hour to climb, 30 minutes to return, to enjoy a unique view from above. Or the Via Beccara, the path 531, the ancient mule track that leads to Manarola in an hour (and back in an hour).

Of course if weather allows, why don't go for a swim in the pebble beach of Riomaggiore?