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The cuisine of the Cinque Terre has come down to the present day, keeping intact the characteristics of a long tradition. The isolation to which they were subjected until the construction of the railway in the nineteenth century created a unique culinary culture, with a peculiar typical food.

Initially the kitchen was more tied to the land, due to the dangers that came from the sea. The hard work of the inhabitants of the Cinque Terre shaped the hills overlooking the sea with gardens and terraces.

Herbs and vegetables are a fundamental element of the cuisine of the Cinque Terre. Vegetable pies are prepared with borage, beets, artichokes, courgettes or potatoes and leeks. The rice cake represents another typical dish, with the addition of dried mushrooms.

Of course the pesto, made with basil, oil and grated cheese. Among the different types of pasta, trofie stand out, made of wheat or chestnut flour, tagliatelle, to be seasoned with mushrooms, cabbage, potatoes, beans and chickpeas.

The fish, however, cannot be missing in these seaside villages: stuffed and fried anchovies, whitebait fritters (juveniles of anchovies and sardines), cuttlefish, octopus, cod boiled with potatoes and onions, stockfish.

The kings of crustaceans in the Cinque Terre are the muscoli, that is the mussels, cooked "alla marinara", with a few drops of lemon and a little; parsley, or stuffed, with tuna, salami, cheese, eggs, marjoram. Good alone or in salads with squid, shrimp and octopus. The squid are delicious fried or boiled for a few minutes in flavored water, with a drizzle of olive oil.
The "gianchetti" are very small fish served hot boiling, just taken out of the fryer.

Absolutely not to be missed are the fish soups, focaccias and farinata.

Suggestions on what to eat in the Cinque Terre.