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Let's discover Manarola in one day, what cannot be missed in the beautiful Cinque Terre village?
In one day it is possible to visit the whole village very calmly and take one of the most beautiful trekking paths of the Cinque Terre, the Manarola-Volastra stretch.

The visit starts from the train station, the point of arrival. It is also possible to arrive by car, but parking in Manarola is small and paid. From late March to October there are trains every 20 minutes.
Manarola is characterized by a main street, Via Discovolo which then becomes Via Birolli, two minor alleys, Via Belvedere and Via Rollandi and numerous connecting stairways.

Then, once we come out of the tunnel that leads from the station to the town, we can turn right uphill to Piazza Papa Innocenzo IV, where the church of San Lorenzo is located, the parish church with the beautiful rose window, the bell tower separated from the church, an ancient defense tower and the oratory of the Disciplinati.

Going down to the sea, descending Via Birolli, we arrive at the Marina, where the ferry landing is located and where it is possible to swim.
From here it is possible to climb towards the cemetery, passing by the aedicule of San Michele, where the homonymous oratory stood, collapsed into the sea at the end of the nineteenth century. The cemetery is located just beyond, at the end of the climb. By going around Punta Bonfiglio towards the small landing of Palaedo, we can take the typical photograph of the village, with the bastion in plain sight.
You will find as well the beginning of the Manarola-Corniglia path, currently closed. For trekking lovers, however, in the day it is possible to walk along a wonderful stretch, one of the most beautiful in the Cinque Terre. Let's talk about the first part of the path 506 which climbs between the terraces up to Volastra, a crossroads of itineraries towards the hills or the coast.

The Via dell'Amore is closed, but there is a second option to reach Riomaggiore on foot, it is Via Beccara, path 531, which begins near the church of San Lorenzo, about 1.5 km long (one hour).

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