Where to take photos in the Cinque Terre: panoramic points
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Where to take photos in the Cinque Terre: panoramic points

The Cinque Terre are wonderful, right? What pictures are on Instagram, magical... but where were they taken? Here is a small guide on where to take unique photos of the Cinque Terre, village by village.

Monterosso is the largest town in the Cinque Terre and there are many panoramic points from which to take a photograph. In the Fegina area, a good spot for photographing the beach is near the Torre Aurora, before the tunnel leading to the old town. Then, instead of using the gallery, passing from the outside, it is possible to photograph the historic center and the beach of Monterosso.
To have more panoramic photos we have to do a little effort. Still in the Fegina area, towards the Gigante beach and Levanto, you have to climb for two hundred meters about and have a nice glimpse of the whole beach and other lands in the distance. Another privileged point to observe the town is the hill of San Francesco, from where the old and the new part are dominated. Going further towards the cemetery, the view embraces the entire historic center. Finally, beautiful views can be enjoyed from Punta Corone, at the beginning of the path to Vernazza, at the end of the old village.

Even in Vernazza we are spoiled for choice and there are several typical shots of the village. First of all, the view of the town that stretches towards the sea with the Doria tower. To take this photo it is necessary to take the path to Corniglia up to the tower of an old mill. It takes a bit of effort but you will be rewarded. If you don't feel like climbing up here, you can also enjoy a beautiful view from the Piazzetta dei Padri Riformati. Second suggestion: the panorama of the village from the road to Monterosso, above the church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia, where you can embrace the whole village from the marina to the castle. Another panoramic point is from the Doria castle, climbing a steep staircase. The entrance to the castle is subject to charges. Finally, the simplest and least tiring point: Vernazza from below, from the pier of the port towards the square and the beach.

Corniglia is located on a rocky spur and has no access to the sea. From the village itself it is not easy to take panoramic photos. One possibility is from the entrance to the village, with the line of colored houses towards the sea, or from the terrace of Santa Maria. For those wishing to walk a little, from the sanctuary of San Bernardino you can enjoy a wonderful view of Corniglia, nestled between the terraces.

For Manarola there is no doubt, the typical image of Manarola is taken from the paved road leading to the cemetery and Corniglia, the vast majority of the photographs are taken from there. Another possibility is the square of the church of San Lorenzo, from where you can see the main street that descends towards the sea.

Finally Riomaggiore, which has a similar structure to Manarola. Here, too, there is a typical point where you can take photos, from the wall of the staircase that climbs to the left from the marina along the rock, with a giant agave and colorful houses. A view of the whole town can also be seen walking up the path that leads to the coastal road, with the castle in good evidence. It's a bit of a pain!

And then there is another option and they are the photographs taken from the sea, beautiful, just rent a boat!

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