What is the most beautiful of the Cinque Terre? Updated 2024
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How to choose one of the Cinque Terre? Perhaps it is impossible, because it is very subjective, it depends on tastes, preferences, past experiences. Some suggestions:
- Do you like small little villages? Then Corniglia is your favorite, the most collected overlooking the sea.
- Do you want to be more comfortable on the beach and maybe make less effort visiting the village? Monterosso is the best.
- Do you like a wilder beach? Or take the most famous trail? Go to Riomaggiore, on the beach at the end of the town and walk the Via dell'Amore (when possible).
- Do you want to admire a breathtaking view? You can choose between Manarola, with the view of the town going up towards the cemetery.
- Do you want to quietly enjoy a coffee, a beer or other, in a comfortable square overlooking the sea? Vernazza is for you ...

In any case, to visit your favorite land, don't forget the Cinque Terre Card.

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