When to visit the Cinque Terre
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When to visit the Cinque Terre

What is the best time to visit the Cinque Terre? Difficult question, let's see some tips.
Of course, if you want to enjoy the sun and the sea, from late spring to early autumn is your time. In recent years, as early as the end of May you can swim, until the beginning of October, the water is fresher, but you can stand it. If, on the other hand, you want to visit the villages and get lost among the picturesque alleys, churches and sanctuaries, spring and autumn are the best time, when it's not too hot. The same for lovers of trekking and breathtaking views, here we also add another reason: in winter the paths can be more slippery due to rain and humidity, in summer, the heat is felt.
The climate is very favorable in general, temperatures are mild, rarely exceeding 30 degrees in summer and rarely approaching 0, remaining on average 10-12 degrees. The wettest months are autumn, especially October and November and also February, but in any case rainfall is reduced.
Obviously it must be taken into account that during the spring weekends, the Easter period and the summer period, the number of tourists is very high. So here are some tips month by month:

January: few tourists and tranquility, unfavorable weather. In Manarola you can admire the famous luminous nativity scene.
February: always few tourists but on the increase, some days in February are really beautiful and the trekking is wonderful.
March: the actual season begins, ferries also resume. Good month to visit the Cinque Terre.
April: excellent month to get to know the Cinque Terre, ideal climate, trekking routes usually in point, during the week an acceptable number of tourists.
May: the first daredevils are seen in the water, trekking and visits ok.
June: ideal sea for swimming and not excessively high temperatures for trekking. Number of tourists on the rise.
July: top baths, many tourists.
August: heat and high prices, many visitors.
September: a great month for everything, with good temperatures for diving, walking and being outdoors.
October: still good weather until mid-October, the rains begin, the villages empty.
November: low temperatures and rain, month for the diehards of the Cinque Terre.
December: cold offset by the Christmas atmosphere and the lighting of the Manarola socket.

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