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10 useful and practical tips on how to visit the Cinque Terre, with insights for those who really want to know everything about the five villages in the province of La Spezia. The Cinque Terre do it yourself.

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- 1. When to visit
- 2. Where to sleep
- 3. How to get there
- 4. How to get around
- 5. What to do
- 6. The beaches
- 7. What to eat
- 8. Where to eat
- 9. What to buy
- 10. How to save


First of all you have to choose when to visit the Cinque Terre. Probably the choice will fall in the summer for obvious reasons, or during some spring weekend. Know that the Cinque Terre are beautiful in every season, with pros and cons.
From the beginning of March the weather improves and gets warmer, with pleasant temperatures until the end of September. Naturally in the summer the number of tourists increases dramatically. As a suggestion, June and September are recommended, when there are not so many people yet, everything is open and the climate is great for swimming or hiking.
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Before arriving you have to decide where to stay. Decision to be pondered calmly by evaluating all options. The suggestion is to sleep in one of the five villages. You wake up and you are already here, enjoying the sunsets, you don't have to think about train timetables.
However, we know that everyone's needs are different and there are many tourists who decide to stay in the surroundings, in La Spezia or in Levanto, Bonassola ...

That said, between Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso the choice remains very wide. Do you like tranquility more? Go to Corniglia. Do you want to brown yourself in the sun? Monterosso is for you. Are you looking for unique views and sunsets? Vernazza, Manarola or Riomaggiore. Here I can not advise you!
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On the other hand, which type of accommodation to choose, it also depends on your budget. Usually guest houses, hostels and b&bs are cheaper than hotels. Check carefully!

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The most convenient and cheapest recommended option is the train, all year round. The Cinque Terre Express is on from the end of March to the end of September, with three daily trips every hour from La Spezia Centrale and Levanto. You can decide to park in La Spezia and then take the train.
The most fascinating way is by boat from La Spezia or Portovenere, but it is perhaps better as a trip than with suitcases.
Lastly, the car, certainly comfortable, but expensive because parking in the Cinque Terre is paid and there are very few tourist facilities that include it. Not to mention the narrow streets and steep curves.

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Again, the train is by far the best means of transport. Frequent trains every hour (in winter one per hour) and the possibility of saving thanks to the Cinque Terre Card Train which allows an unlimited number of journeys and allows access to the hiking trails of the Blue Path.
For walking enthusiasts, getting around on foot is a valid alternative, to discover the coast and the hinterland.
Or the classic boat trip, between March and early November, is really nice, to get to know the Cinque Terre from the sea and stop in each of them, except Corniglia, which has no landfall at the sea.

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Suggesting what to do in the Cinque Terre is very subjective, the choice is very wide and depends on your tastes. Some advices:

  • The beaches are the main attraction and we will see them in the next point
  • Walk one of the Cinque Terre trails along the Sentiero Azzurro or the Manarola-Volastra
  • Visit the villages and their monuments
  • Take a private boat tour with tasting
  • Visit a winery
  • Go for a kayak tour

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    Bathing or sunbathing in the Cinque Terre deserves a separate chapter.
    The sea is the main attraction that combines with the unique architectural and natural features of the five villages and the paths that connect them.
    A dip in the sea of Monterosso with the rock of Fegina and the Aurora tower in front is priceless, the same goes for the wild coast of Riomaggiore, the beach in front of the church of Vernazza, the marina of Manarola and the cove of Corniglia. Unmissable.

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    7. WHAT TO EAT

    A visit to the Cinque Terre must include a good lunch or dinner, discovering the typical dishes and local wines.
    The very typical products are Monterosso anchovies, focaccia, lemons, oil.
    Absolutely to try the stuffed mussels, the fritture, the pasta with pesto (trofie, trenette, lasagna) or with seafood. All breathed with a good Cinque Terre DOC and sciacchetrà.

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    Here are some suggestions for each village both for a proper meal or for a quick meal to be eaten by the sea (our choice, this is not advertising):
  • Riomaggiore. Osteria La Torpedine, La Cantina del Macellaio, Il Pescato Cucinato
  • Manarola. Nessun Dorma, Trattoria Dal Billy, Cappun Magru
  • Corniglia. Da Cecio, Terra Rossa wine&food, A Cantina de Mananan
  • Vernazza. Pippo a Vernazza, Belforte, Da Sandro
  • Monterosso. Gastronomia San Martino, Il Bocconcino, L'Ancora della Tortuga, Ristorante Miky, Tosca Bistrot

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    9. WHAT TO BUY

    Bring with you a souvenir of the Cinque Terre or some delicatessen and food: DOC white wine and sciacchetrà, limoncino, salted anchovies from Monterosso, pesto...
    Or one of the wonderful ceramics you find in Monterosso.

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    10. HOW TO SAVE

    And finally, how to visit the Cinque Terre on a budget? Just be a little careful.
  • For accommodation: choose a guest house or a b&b instead of a hotel, perhaps not directly overlooking the sea but still central.
  • Get something to eat in one of the many take-away food shops: pizza by the slice, focaccia, sandwiches...
  • Come by train and leave your car at home!
  • Go to a free beach, the choice is wide

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