Where to take the train to the Cinque Terre
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Where to take the train to the Cinque Terre

All the villages of the Cinque Terre have a train station, very close to the town center and the sea, except in the case of Corniglia, where the station is located just under the famous Lardarina staircase or just over a kilometer by road.
The villages can only be reached with the Cinque Terre Express, which leaves from Levanto or La Spezia Centrale. The ticket price is the same for all destinations (5 euros in 2023, 2,5 euros for children). For example, the La Spezia-Riomaggiore has the same cost as La Spezia-Monterosso.
In spring and summer the frequency of trains is very high, practically one every 15 minutes, although due to the large number of people, delays are also frequent.
You can buy the ticket directly at the station, we recommend from the machines because the ticket office usually has long queues, or buying the Cinque Terre Train Card, valid for a full day with an unlimited number of second class trips on the Cinque Terre Express.

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