Cinque Terre when it rains. Updated 2024
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You have been planning your visit to the Cinque Terre for weeks or months and it is raining that day ...
First of all, check carefully the weather in the Cinque Terre and decide when to visit the Cinque Terre .

Anyway, wether forecasts don't always get it right, we know, so here are some suggestions:
1. Take advantage to relax: eat, drink and sleep. Treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner while discovering the local cuisine, it is always a winning choice. Then relax in your room. Here you will find a complete list of restaurants in the Cinque Terre.

2. If you don't want to fill yourself up properly, at least a (long) break in one of the Cinque Terre bars, between a glass of Cinque Terre Doc or Sciacchetrà wine, a focaccia, a slice of pizza...

3. If it's not heavily raining, take an umbrella or a waterproof jacket and discover the churches of the five villages, usually always open. Find out in this section before seeing them live: What to see in Cinque Terre. The main churches within the villages are: the church of San Lorenzo in Riomaggiore, the church of San Lorenzo in Manarola, the church of San Pietro in Corniglia, the church of Santa Margherita in Vernazza and the church of San Giovanni Battista in Monterosso. Then there are several oratories of the brotherhoods, while the sanctuaries are placed outside the villages.

4. In Riomaggiore you can also see a beautiful mural by Silvio Benedetto, at the end of the tunnel that goes from the station to the town, so you will stay indoors! It is called the "Memory Sequence".

5. In your room or in a café, read some poems by Eugenio Montale, you are in the right place! The nobel of literature spent his summers as a child in Monterosso, where the Villa di Montale still stands.

6. It really rains a lot and you don't want to stay in the Cinque Terre. Then maybe you should go to La Spezia, an important museum city, you are spoiled for choice: the Ubaldo Formentini Archaeological Civic Museum, the Amedeo Lia Civic Museum, the National Transport Museum, the Giovanni Podenzana Civic Ethnographic Museum, the Museum del Sigillo, the Diocesan Museum, the Naval Museum, the CAMEC Museum of Contemporary Art ...
Use the Cinque Terre Card when traveling.

These are our six suggestions, here is an extra one, however, aboout what NOT to do when it rains in the Cinque Terre: do not venture along paths and trekking routes. The Ligurian territory is very fragile and subject to landslides.

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