The Cinque Terre in two days (one night). Updated 2024
Le Cinque


Hit and run of one night in the Cinque Terre, arriving in the early afternoon and leaving the next day in the evening, therefore ideal for visiting them on a Friday or Saturday (or a pre-holiday/holiday).
Do you already know how to get to the Cinque Terre? Take a good look at which vehicle to choose and then decide where to sleep.

First day: Monterosso and Vernazza
For example, choose Monterosso to sleep, the largest of the Cinque Terre. Upon your arrival in the early afternoon you will have plenty of time to visit the historic center, take a swim if the weather allowas it on the Fegina beach with the famous rock or on the beach next to the Marina. If you feel like it, go up to the Capuchin convent on the hill of San Francesco and enjoy a unique atmosphere. After having rested for a while with a nice drink in one of the bars in Monterosso , take the train to Vernazza to spend the evening.
You will have time to get to know the village well, Vernazza has numerous panoramic points where to take photos. Visit the church on the sea, dedicated to Santa Margherita, the Doria castle and get lost in the alleys of the village before choosing the restaurant where to have dinner. Admire the village again after dinner and then return to Monterosso to sleep.

Second day: Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia
Wake up in time, quite early, a nice breakfast and then off to Riomaggiore, always by train. It is the furthest from Monterosso, but in the end you will have less distance to do from Corniglia. The train station is near the village, after having crossed the tunnel, go down towards the sea, with the typical view of the colorful houses and the marina, you can go to the stony beach, then go back and visit the upper part of the village , with the castle and the church of San Giovanni, as well as the labyrinth of alleys that rise and fall. Also stop for a drink in Riomaggiore , in one of the many bars in the village.
It's time to go to Manarola, before lunch, just a few minutes by train. From Manarola the Via dell'Amore is open for a small part. Here too there is a tunnel that leads to the village, you can go towards the sea and go up to the cemetery, from where you can take unforgettable pictures and then go up to the church of San Lorenzo. Now relax by eating in one of the restaurants in Manarola.
Last stop of your trip: Corniglia, the smallest of the Cinque Terre. From the train station, take the Lardarina, the 300 and more steps staircase that leads to Corniglia. From the church of San Lorenzo, Via Fieschi arrives to the terrace of Santa Maria, on the sea, passing through Largo Taragio, a small square with a beautiful oratory. If you really want, you can get off at the Marina di Corniglia, but look at the clock, because you have to go back to Monterosso if you have left your luggage there. You still have time for a coffee in Corniglia.

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