The Cinque Terre in five days. Updated 2024
Le Cinque


Why not? There are five villages, one a day in order to fully understand the Cinque Terre area, avoiding the hit and run.
Some recommendations before starting the 5-day itinerary in the Cinque Terre:
- check how to get to the Cinque Terre, by car or train.
- choose carefully where to stay, it is always recommended to sleep in one of the five villages, to enjoy beautiful sunsets and evenings. For convenience it is better to sleep in a single place during the whole stay than to change every day. Getting around between the Cinque Terre villages is easy!
- some suggestions on where to sleep in the Cinque Terre, perhaps in rooms with sea view accommodations.
- Which of the Cinque Terre to stay in?
- in five days there will be the opportunity to do some hiking, here are some useful tips for a safe trekking in the Cinque Terre.

As mentioned, we recommend sleeping in only one place, this itinerary starts from Riomaggiore, but can be started from any village of the Cinque Terre. A full day in each of the Cinque Terre is a luxury, take advantage of it.

First day: Riomaggiore
An itinerary among monuments, walks and dives into the sea, if it's summertime.
Following the map below, you have time to visit everything in a couple of hours, getting lost in the alleys, going up and down the innumerable stairways:
- Castle of Riomaggiore
- Oratory of San Rocco
- Church of San Giovanni Battista
- Oratory of the Disciplinati

What to see in Riomaggiore

A beautiful path leads to the fascinating sanctuary of Montenero, the 593V, which climbs steeply in about an hour, but the reward of the panorama is unique. The return takes half an hour and you can go and cool off in the pebble beach of Riomaggiore and swim in the crystal clear water. Or, since the Via dell'Amore is closed (2024), go to Manarola along the ancient mule track: the Via Beccara, path 531, an hour to go and an hour to return.

Now relax in one of Riomaggiore's restaurants, perhaps with sea view, for a drink or dinner and try the Cinque Terre wines. The day has flown by!

Second day: Manarola
After a good breakfast, ready for a busy day. Absolutely to see in Manarola, following the itinerary below, in about two hours:
- Church of San Lorenzo and oratory of the Disciplinati, located in the upper part of the village, one in front of the other
- Get lost among the highest alleys: Via Rollandi and Via Belvedere
- Take the open stretch of Via dell'Amore, 200 meters from Manarola
- Go down the main street to the Marina: Via Discovolo and Via Birolli
- Go up towards the cemetery to admire the typical postcard of the village, with the colored houses

What to see in Manarola

From here it is possible to continue on one of the paths, the 506, the most beautiful of the Cinque Terre, towards Volastra, climbing among the terraces until you discover the sanctuary of Nostra Signora della Salute. You can keep up to Corniglia, in about 2 and a half hours, along the path 586 to the junction with path 587 near Case Pianca and then descend along path 587 to Corniglia.
Trekking in Manarola

From Corniglia, take the train back to your accommodation and relax. If you sleep in Manarola, choose one of the many bars and restaurants.

Third day: Corniglia
Here is the middle village, the smallest of the Cinque Terre, with a main road that connects the church of San Pietro to the terrace of Santa Maria, on the sea, passing through Largo Taragio, where the oratory of the Disciplinati is located. However, there are many activities to be carried out:
- Lardarina staircase that connects the station with the historic center (more than 300 steps)
- Church of San Pietro
- Oratory of the Disciplinati
- Marina di Corniglia, the seaside of the village, connected through a staircase

What to see in Corniglia

From Corniglia you can walk in an hour and a half the Green Blue Path that leads to Vernazza, the most recommended for its views. If you feel full of strength, you can take a slightly longer route, in order to also see the sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace of San Bernardino. First take the path 587 towards the Cigoletta, in about two and a half hours (2.4 km), then descend along the 507 B towards San Bernardino (1.8 km) and again downhill towards Vernazza along the 507 A (1.5 km) in about an hour and a half. It is quite longer ...
Trekking in Corniglia

If you are staying in Corniglia, you will have already seen numerous places to relax: bars and restaurants.

Fourth day: Vernazza
Here we are in Vernazza, you can get there by train early in the morning, or if you've slept here, discover the most hidden corners. Vernazza is a labyrinth of stairways from which to find an infinite number of panoramic places from which to take photographs. Not to be missed:
- Church of Santa Margherita di Antiochia
- Doria castle
- Admire the village from the beginning of the path to Corniglia, from the piazzetta dei Padri Riformati, from the beginning of the path to Monterosso, from the Doria castle, from the sea.

What to see in Vernazza

You will also have time to walk another wonderful path, from Vernazza to Monterosso, in about two hours. Or the 508 path which climbs up to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio in just over an hour.
Trekking in Vernazza

Tired but happy to have seen all this, go back to Vernazza by train or bus from the Madonna di Reggio to give yourself a dinner in Vernazza.

Fifth day: Monterosso
Finally Monterosso, the largest village, to which you can devote more time to the monuments, since you have traveled the entire Green Blue Path. In fact there is so much to see:
- Church of San Giovanni Battista
- Oratory of the Confraternita dei Neri Mortis et Orationis
- Convent and church of San Francesco
- Cemetery and castle ruins
- Aurora tower
- Statue of the Giant

What to see in Monterosso

Keep in mind that in Monterosso there are the widest beaches of the Cinque Terre, relax a little on the shoreline. If you really like hiking, we recommend the 509 path which goes up to the sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Soviore in just under two hours; or the 590 paths to Sant'Antonio del Mesco, towards Levanto, about an hour and a quarter.

Trekking in Monterosso
In Monterosso you are really spoiled for choice on where to eat.

Or again, why not visit the Cinque Terre by boat?

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