Wi-Fi and Internet in the Cinque Terre
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In general, the Internet and wifi network of the Cinque Terre works well. However, it is not the hyperconnected paradise, it can happen that there is no connection. Either for the morphology of the territory, especially along the trails or for the architecture of the houses leaning against each other, with thick stone walls between a maze of stairs, where the signal is struggling to arrive.

So internet yes, but with caution, the vast majority of tourist establishments offer free wifi, while it works well or badly does not depend on the line itself...
Some have a connection throughout the building, others only in the common areas.

There are Wi-Fi hotspots, free with the purchase of the Cinque Terre Card. The active Hot Spots are located in the different stations:
- Cinque Terre Point La Spezia
- Cinque Terre Point Riomaggiore
- Cinque Terre Point Manarola
- Cinque Terre Point Corniglia
- Cinque Terre Point Vernazza
- Cinque Terre Point Monterosso
- Cinque Terre Point Levanto