Cinque Terre boarding points
Le Cinque


Where are the boarding points of the boats on the Cinque Terre?

The villages of the Cinque Terre are small and the boarding points are easily found, even asking people. But to go without fail, here is a map to know exactly where they are for those who want to make an boat ride.

Monterosso al Mare boarding point
In Monterosso the boarding is located from the Moletto del Paese Vecchio, easily visible from the beach and the road that wanders the Colle di San Cristoforo.

Vernazza boarding point
In Vernazza the boats sail from the pier placed in front of the church of Sante Margherita of Antiochia.

Corniglia is the only one of the Cinque Terre not having direct access to the sea.

Manarola boarding point
The boarding is carried out at the Marina di Manarola, on the pier, very visible.

Riomaggiore boarding point
The longest boarding point to reach, placed between the Marina and the beach, with some stairs to do.

In other villages where the boats of the Consorzio Marittimo Golfo dei Poeti is operating, the boarding points are:

La Spezia boarding point
The boarding point is placed along the Morin walk, in front of the Chiosco delle Palme bar.

Levanto boarding point
In Levanto, the boarding point is located in via Semenza, in the easternmost part of the coast.

Portovenere boarding point
At the end of the walk Aldo Moro, in front of the Byron ar and the restaurant Il Timone.

Lerici boarding point
At the end of via Roma, at the beginning of the pedestrian area, well reported.