Petrol stations in the Cinque Terre
Le Cinque


Are there gas stations in the Cinque Terre? The answer is no. There are no petrol stations in the Cinque Terre area. So you have to be careful and not venture with little tank along the narrow and steep streets in the area.

So where to get petrol? There are two best options:

Respol petrol station in La Spezia in via Fieschi, just before the start of the road to the Cinque Terre, about 13 km from Riomaggiore and Manarola, 26 km from Corniglia and Vernazza, 37 km from Monterosso:

Eni service station in Levanto, just before the entrance to the historic center (after the roundabout for Monterosso), about 10 km from Monterosso, 21 km from Corniglia and Vernazza, 24 km from Riomaggiore and Manarola:

Instead there is a small Eni petrol station in Portovenere, in Via Olivo, on the seafront:

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