Visiting Cinque Terre on a budget
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Visiting the Cinque Terre on a budget? Of course you can, but first let's try to dispel a myth.

In the Cinque Terre you can find everything as in any other part, there are luxury accommodation in general as you can find excellent very nice cheap accommodations. The same goes for restaurants.

Here are some tips to visit the Cinque Terre (or other places) more economically:

  • Accommodation:
  • usually hotels are more expensive than guesthouses and bed & breakfast. Even better if it comes to hostels or residences. Have a look at these Cinque Terre deals. You can find offers both within the five villages, or at most in Levanto or La Spezia, which can be reached by train. Val di Vara is not far, but you will need a car to get around and therefore you will have to spend to park it (in addition to gasoline).

  • Food:
  • Let's avoid restaurants and get organized. There are two main options: go to a supermarket or grocery store (sandwiches, fruit, etc...) or take a pizza by the slice, a focaccia, a sandwich, cones with fried food in one of the many Cinque Terre bars. Then go to the seaside to eat!

  • Means of transport:
  • best and main option train, train and train againt to get to the Cinque Terre. As mentioned, with the car, in addition to petrol you have to calculate the cost of parking; by boat you can exceed your budget; better the train, considering that the Cinque Terre Card Train could be useful. Then there is always the possibility of visit them on foot. The blue path is subject to charges, but is part of the Cinque Terre Card.

  • Beaches:
  • there are many possibilities to lie down and swim in a free beach. Indeed, the only bathing establishments are in Monterosso, otherwise the choice is up to you!

    So in summary, if you want to spend little, you will probably want to stay as little as possible or get to know the Cinque Terre in just one day:

    The Cinque Terre in one day on foot
    The Cinque Terre in one day by train
    The Cinque Terre in two days (one night)
    The Cinque Terre in two days on foot (one night)
    The Cinque Terre in a weekend (two nights)

    If you want to stay a night or two, make sure it is not on the weekend, you will find cheaper prices.

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