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Cinque Terre by motorcycle is one of the best ways to enjoy the five villages even in summer, avoiding parking problems and the crowds of trains. The best time to visit them in this way is from April to September, when the risk of rain or frost is lower.

However, you have to prepare for curves, for roads that are not always in excellent condition and sometimes for steep climbs. The coast road which, going up from La Spezia, connects the five towns is simply wonderful. It is a journey of about 40 km from the city center to Levanto, without including the descents (and ascents) towards the villages.

Two excursion options therefore: admire the Cinque Terre and the Ligurian Sea from above or visit the villages.

As for the first option, the time taken is about an hour and a quarter. The road is in good condition and also quite wide up to the junction for Corniglia/Vernazza. After that it narrows a bit, still remaining smooth, albeit with lots of curves. The most demanding stretch is between Drignana, one of the small hamlets that are part of the municipality of Vernazza and the intersection with the SP38 that leads to Monterosso and Levanto, especially as regards the road surface and the reduced width of the carriageway.

Also visiting the villages, you have to add up the times to reach the villages (see below) and those of the visit. Above all, it must be borne in mind that the roads leading down to the villages become narrow and steep and with many turns, even very pronounced ones. We could define the descents to the countries in this way:

  • Riomaggiore: pronounced but simple descent, breathtaking view.
  • Manarola: very simple and short descent.
  • Corniglia: narrow and partly bumpy road, steep points, several curves, be careful.
  • Vernazza: narrow and partly bumpy road, steep points, several curves, be careful.
  • Monterosso (Fegina beach): narrow and partly bumpy road, steep points, several curves, be careful.

  • Litoranea-Riomaggiore (roundabout at the beginning of the town): 1.8 km. 4 minutes.
  • Litoranea-Manarola (parking): 500 meters. 2 minutes.
  • SP51 (Fornacchi)-Corniglia (parking): 4.3 km. 10 minutes.
  • SP51 (Fornacchi)-Vernazza (parking): 3.6 km. 9 minutes.
  • SP38 (Hotel Il Colle)-Monterosso (Fegina promenade): 4.2 km. 8 minutes.

  • Distances in km between villages:
    Distances km in the Cinque Terre
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    There are some bars and restaurants along the way, mainly from La Spezia to Volastra, where you can stop for a break:
  • Il Paradiso del Golfo Ristorante (La Spezia)
  • Cantina Tramonti 5 Terre (Riomaggiore)
  • Due Gemelli Hotel Bar (Riomaggiore)
  • Il Giardino di Achille (Riomaggiore)
  • Bar Il Sole a 180 gradi (Riomaggiore)
  • Bar Hotel Il Saraceno (Volastra)
  • Bar Ristorante Santuario di Soviore (Monterosso)