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Olive trees in the Cinque Terre

The olive trees located inside the Cinque Terre park grow on terraced land overlooking the sea. A centuries-old tradition, some plants still date back to the Middle Ages, with an oil characterized by unique organoleptic characteristics. Given the difficult situation, the harvest takes place with nets placed under the plants, to prevent the olives blown by the wind or fallen during the harvest from rolling into the sea.
The cultivar used is the olive tree of the Razzola variety, with large and elongated fruits, the main variety of the PDO Riviera Ligure di Levante.
The color of extra virgin olive oil is yellow tending to green, slightly bitter and spicy, with a predominance of a sweet note reminiscent of almonds. Ideal to use raw as a condiment with appetizers of vegetables, bruschetta, shellfish, grilled fish, fresh cheeses.
After the harvest, the oil is cold extracted, within 24 hours. It is not filtered but lets it settle naturally.