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Cinque Terre honey

Cinque Terre honey is born in an environment unique in the world, between the terraces overlooking the sea conquered by the hard work of man and the natural slopes rich in fragrant flowers.
Honey from this region is the fruit of spontaneous or cultivated flowers, characterized by a high percentage of flowers of heather and other Mediterranean plants.
The sea and the sun exposure make Cinque Terre honey unique, with the peculiarity of the presence of microclimates a few hundred meters away. Higher up maritime pine, Aleppo pine, cork, chestnut. Towards the coast, sea fennel and marine dauco; among the rocks of the cineraria, rue, arboreal spurge. And more shrubs of rosemary, thyme, helichrysum and lavender. And of course the Mediterranean scrub, with arboreal heather, mastic, myrtle, terebinth, thorny broom, strawberry, phillyrée, red juniper, sarsaparilla, madder, flamboyant, asparagus, Etruscan and marine honeysuckle. And then the fruit trees with flowers that bloom at different months of the year: cherry trees, apricots, peaches, oranges, lemons, blackberries ...
Thanks to this great variety of plants and flowers, the honey produced in the Cinque Terre is made from tree heather, acacia, chestnut and wild flowers.
During the production process, the honey settles by natural sedimentation, without being filtered, thus containing pollen, royal jelly, propolis and possible residues of honeycomb wax. No invasive products or pesticides are used.