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Lemons from Cinque Terre

Lemons are one of the symbols of the Cinque Terre, a culture already present since the 17th century. Matteo Vinzoni was already talking about "wonderful citrus gardens" in the Cinque Terre in 1700. Between Riomaggiore and Monterosso, the favorable soil and climate are an ideal combination for their production, allowing you to prepare jams, biscuits and sweets in general and the famous limoncino of the Cinque Terre.

The best area for their cultivation is the bottom of the valley. In Monterosso, the best neighborhoods are in the areas of Buranco and Morione. Eugenio Montale, who spent the summers in Monterosso in the family villa in Monterosso, dedicated one of his poems to lemons, entitled "I Limoni", in "Ossi di Seppia", a collection of poems that won him the Nobel Prize in 1975. In May, the lemon festival takes place.