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Let's discover Corniglia in one day, what cannot be missed in the beautiful Cinque Terre village?

By size, Corniglia is the smallest town in the Cinque Terre, therefore also the easiest to visit in one day. Arriving at the train station there are two ways to get to the village. Take the shuttle included in the Cinque Terre Card or go up the staircase Lardarina, with its more than 300 steps. We recommend the latter to fully enjoy the experiene in Corniglia.

The Lardarina comes out on Via Stazione, we cross it towards Via Fieschi and we arrive at the beautiful church of San Pietro, with its fourteenth-century facade and the rose window in Carrara marble.

We go down the main alleyway, pass by a small clearing from where we can admire the houses that stretch out towards the sea and take Via Fieschi again up to Largo Taragio, where the oratory of the Disciplinati of Santa Caterina is located. Behind the oratory we admire the view over the sea and towards Manarola. Here there is a tower, what remains of the ancient defensive system of Corniglia.

From Largo Taragio we can go down following the signs towards the Marina di Corniglia, another stairway that takes us to the small and suggestive port of Corniglia, where swimming.

Returning back, we continue to the end of Via Fieschi and to the terrace of Santa Maria, where you can admire the sea from above.

We have time to discover the trails in the area a little, there are two suggestions: the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Trail) towards Vernazza or the path up to Volastra, along paths 587 and 586. In both the cases are routes of a length of about 4 km (1 hour and 45 minutes).

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