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- Hiking
- Bicycle and MTB
- Diving
- Kayak
- Swimming
- Sailing
- Surfing
- Sport fishing
- Tennis
- Golf

Hiking in the Cinque Terre is one of the best activities to do. A network of paths connects the five villages, both near the sea and the inland to discover the Cinque Terre sanctuaries. Walking in the villages is also a favourite activity admiring churches, oratories and castles.

Whether for road bikes, along the coast or going down to the villages, or by MTB along the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, you need to be trained to withstand the steep climbs of the Cinque Terre. But it is possible to rent e-bikes in nearby Levanto and La Spezia.
Cinque Terre by bike.

Of course, the Cinque Terre are sea, always for the more sporty, it is possible to dive and immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Cinque Terre sea.

Or rent a canoe or kayak or directly a boat and discover the most hidden parts of the Cinque Terre coast.

If you just want to swim and that's it, here are some itineraries and relative distances (in marine knots and km):
Monterosso-Punta Mesco Sailing Club: 0.4 nm - 0.75 km
Monterosso-Punta Mesco: 1 nm - 1.85 km
Monterosso-Vernazza: 1.6 nm - 2.96 km
Vernazza-Corniglia: 1.4 nm - 2.6 km
Corniglia-Manarola: 1.4 nm - 2.6 km
Manarola-Riomaggiore: 0.7 nm - 1.3 km
Riomaggiore-Punta Montenero: 0.4 nm - 0.75 km
Punta Montenero-Punta Mesco: 5.2 nm - 9.63 km

Then you still have to relax in one of the Cinque Terre beaches.

In Monterosso there is a sailing club, where it is possible in July and August to take sailing courses in the Cinque Terre.
Circolo Velico Monterosso “Gino e Bebe De Andreis"
Via Fegina 13, 19016 Monterosso al Mare
Phone: 0039 0187 817484

For surfing it is necessary to go to nearby Levanto, where along all its beaches it is possible to surf the mistral, with wonderful waves, within the wide sandy bay.
There are five spots where you can surf:
- La Pietra
- Casinò
- Pipetta
- Nadia
- La Gritta

Cinque Terre surf

Recreational and sport fishing in the Cinque Terre is allowed taking into account that we are located within the Marine Protected Area.
In the different zones (A, B, C) there are different permits and an authorization is still required.
Cinque Terre fishing

Let's go back to dry land. There are no tennis courts in the Cinque Terre. The closest are located in Levanto:
Centro sportivo Acli Gisal
Via Varego, 15, 19015, Levanto
Phone: 0039 0187 808482

There are no golf courses in the Cinque Terre, the particular geographic conformation prevents it. For golfers, the nearby courses are:
Golf Club Cinque Laghi (35 km from Riomaggiore-45 minutes; 57 km from Monterosso-1 hour)
Via Fondamento 8, 19038 Sarzana
Phone: 0039 335 5702001

Golf Club Marigola (25 km from Riomaggiore-40 minutes; 40 km from Monterosso-1 hour)
Via Biaggini, località La Vallata, 5, 19032 Lerici
Phone: 0187 970193

Circolo Golf e Tennis Rapallo (90 km from Riomaggiore-90 minutes; 65 km from Monterosso-65 minutes)
Via Mameli, 377, 16035 Rapallo
Phone: 0185 261777