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According to tradition, a primitive religious building already existed from the 8th century, built by the inhabitants of Riomaggiore after a Marian vision of the young Maria del Paladino. The first documented news, however, dates back to 1335. The sanctuary underwent several renovations, which in 1740 and 1847 profoundly transformed it. Today it has a three-nave plan and inside an eighteenth-century fresco by the painter Battaglia from Castelnuovo Magra.
The venerated icon is a picture depicting an image of the Assumption of Mary with the Apostles, restored in 1947, carried in procession on Pentecost Monday. The first icon, however, was perhaps a Madonna di San Luca of Byzantine origin, which was lost in the 15th century. As for the shrine of Our Lady of Soviore, the effigy was buried to save it from the Lombards of Rotari, then found later in the place where the sacred building was erected near a spring that suddenly emerged.
The sanctuary, isolated on a plateau in the shade of maritime pines, can only be reached on foot, by some paths that connect it to Riomaggiore and the Telegraph pass.

The sanctary of Our Lady of Montenero