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The parish church of San Pietro is located in the upper part of Corniglia. Preceded by a churchyard with remains of polychrome cobblestones, it was built at the behest of the Fieschi family. The plaque on the façade bearing the date 1334, indicates the year of the beginning of the construction of the building, engulfing a small pre-existing chapel on the northern side. The salient façade and corner pilasters, supported by small arches, was completed in 1351 in local stone by the masters Matteo and Pietro di Campiglio, with the creation of the rose window in white Carrara marble. The same masters also sculpted the three marble sculptures of the lunette.
The interior, with a basilica plan with three naves, underwent some interventions in the Baroque style. It is supported by a Baroque barrel vault and retains a baptismal font from the 12th century and a polyptych on the altar at the end of the right aisle. In 2016 he returned to the church, placed next to the right altar dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario, a seventeenth-century painting by the Corniglia painter Prospero Luxardi, a large oil painting on canvas, consisting of eighteen panels depicting the mysteries of the Rosary and the Judgment.
Finally, the two windows are by the Bergamo-based master Trento Longaretti.

The church of San Pietro