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10 things to do in Vernazza

1. Stroll through the alleys of Vernazza
Strolling in Vernazza
Away from the main street, Vernazza is a labyrinth of stairs that go up and down between the houses overlooking the narrow streets of the village.
2. Visit the church of Santa Margherita
Church of Santa Margherita
The church on the sea which, according to legend, was to have been built right on that spot...
3. A dip in Vernazza

A swim in Vernazza
There are two possibilities for swimming in Vernazza: on the beach in front of the church and on the nearby rocks and under the Vernazza promontory, on the left of the village.
6. The Doria Castle
The Doria Castle
At the end of a long staircase of irregular steps, the tower of the Vernazza castle stands out...
7. Pizza, focaccia or ice cream? Pizza, focaccia, ice cream in Vernazza Either in the square of the church of Santa Margherita or along the main alley that descends towards the sea. A break for an aperitif with a slice of pizza or an ice cream.
8. A nice lunch or dinner Lunch or dinner in Vernazza Let's not be tourists on and off, let's sit quietly to try Vernazza's cuisine. Wide choice of restaurants.
9. A boat trip in Vernazza
A boat trip in Vernazza
A different visit to Vernazza, recline on a boat to discover hidden places or take a swim offshore.
10. Buy a handmade souvenir Buy a handmade souvenir
Buy a handmade souvenir
A handmade souvenir of Vernazza. In via Roma there are Kalos Vernazza and Il Talismano.