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10 things to do in Riomaggiore

1. Bathing in the pebble beach A swim in Riomaggiore In summer it is truly unmissable, even if you are passing through. Take a small towel with you, don't miss the chance. The sea is truly crystalline, sensationally clear seabed. Don't forget your sunscreen though, no shade!
2. Visit the church of San Giovanni Battista Church of San Giovanni Battista The main monument of the village, in the upper part of the town. Rosette and external decorations are the top.
3. Visit the castle of Riomaggiore
Castle of Riomaggiore
Near the church, don't imagine a gloomy manor with an infinity of rooms. Indeed, only the outer walls remained standing, but it is very impressive!
4. Discover the Pescecane cave
The Pescecane cavee
Maybe it went after swimming on the beach. However, if you swim for ten minutes towards Portovenere, you will discover this small, beautiful cave. Diving nearby.
5. The Walk of Love
The Walk of Love
It would be the number one attraction, but alas it is still closed. Good news however, the money seems to be there and the works to secure the reopening have begun.
6. The Via Beccara
The Via Beccara
Don't worry, you can always reach Manarola on foot, along the ancient mule track that the inhabitants used before, the Via Beccara, now marked as path 531. It is "only" longer and more tiring .. an hour anyway and what views.
7. Sliced pizza and focaccia Pizza or focaccia in Riomaggiore Perhaps this point should be number one. In one of the small bars in the village, you should not miss a nice slice of pizza, focaccia and farinata while you are walking around Riomaggiore as a DOC tourist.
8. A nice lunch or dinner Luch or dinner in Riomaggiore Speaking of DOC, you can't really not try the Cinque Terre wine, have you seen in the terraces around you? Heroic viticulture they call it, how to blame him. With a nice dish in one of the restaurants in the village, the cuisine here is very tied to the hills.
9. A boat trip in Riomaggiore
A boat trip in Riomaggiore
Yes, indulge in this whim. Lay your regal buttocks in a boat and calmly admire Riomaggiore. There are those who have proposed in this way ...
10. The sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero The sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero Last but not least. It is located above Riomaggiore, quite above. An hour's journey along the 593V path. But when you get there you are the master of the world, what a peace ...