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10 things to do in Monterosso

1. Stroll through the alleys of Monterosso
Strolling in Monterosso
Monterosso is the largest of the Cinque Terre, but maintains the character of a fishing village in the narrow streets of the historic center, among the tall houses, squares and religious buildings.
2. Visit the church of San Giovanni Battista
Church of San Giovanni Battista
The parish church of Monterosso, located in the center of the town, with the typical two-tone facade with white and dark green bands.
3. A dip in Monterosso

A swim in Monterosso
The longest beach in the Cinque Terre is that of Fegina, in front of the train station, then you can swim in the beach of the historic center, in the Gigante beach ...
4. The Sanctuary of Soviore
The Sanctuary of Soviore
An idyllic place, among tall shady trees, silence, unique views and the calm of one of the oldest churches in Liguria ...
6. The statue of the Giant
The statue of the Giant
A real gem, a statue of Neptune placed on the beach, the last vestiges of a villa on the sea of the past.
7. Pizza, focaccia or ice cream? Pizza, focaccia, ice cream in Monterosso As they say, in Monterosso there is plenty of choice in terms of bars and street food. Already from the exit from the train station, on the Fegina seafront, up to the historic center.
8. A nice lunch or dinner Lunch or dinner in Monterosso Here too, there are many restaurants where you can take it a little more comfortable, a sumptuous lunch, a romantic dinner at sunset with a sea view ...
9. A boat trip in Monterosso
A boat ride in Monterosso
To get to know the Cinque Terre coast from another point of view. There are several options for a tour or rent a boat.
10. The convent of Monterosso
The convent of Monterosso
High on the hill of San Cristoforo, for those who want to walk a little: convent, church of San Francesco and cemetery among the ruins of the castle.