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10 things to do in Manarola

1. Stroll through the alleys of Manarola Stroll in Manarola First thing to do easy easy. A nice walk along the main street, Via Discovolo, descending towards the sea and discovering the maze of alleys that rise and fall among the tall colored houses.
2. Visit the church of San Lorenzo Church of San Lorenzo High up in the square, enjoy a beautiful view by visiting the church with the beautiful rose window.
3. A dip in the marina A swim in Manarola A dip in Manarola in the summer is a must. A sort of challenge in the marina, where you can cool off where few do.
4. Drink at Nessun Dorma
Nessun Dorma
An unmissable place for the typical view of Manarola, a nice photo for Instagram while sipping a glass of Cinque Terre white wine.
5. Via dell'Amore (Walk of Love)
The Walk of Love
On the Manarola side, the Via dell'Amore is open for about 200 meters. We still have to wait a little while for the recovery, probably in 2024.
6. The Manarola-Volastra trail The Manarola-Volastra trail Very scenic path to take away the desire to walk, since the Via dell'Amore is closed.
7. Pizza, focaccia or ice cream? Pizza, focaccia, ice cream in Manarola Wandering around the village, choose your menu: pizza by the slice? Focaccia with olives or with onions? Farinata? Or a nice ice cream to sling around?
8. A nice lunch or dinner? Lunch or dinner in Manarola We don't make tourists touch and go, let's sit quietly to try the cuisine of the Cinque Terre. Wide choice of restaurants.
9. A boat trip in Manarola
A boat trip in Manarola
A different visit to Manarola, recline on a boat to discover hidden places or take a swim offshore.
10. Buy a handmade souvenir Buy a handmade souvenir
Buy a handmade souvenir
A handmade souvenir of Manarola. In via Birolli you can find the Manarola Boutique and the Emporio Cinque Terre.