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10 things to do in Corniglia

Follow this guide to find out what to do in Corniglia, try to do it all!

1. Stroll through the alleys of Corniglia
Stroll around Corniglia
Getting lost in Corniglia is difficult, so a nice walk along Via Fieschi to the terrace overlooking the sea is a must.
2. Visit the church of San Pietro
Church of San Pietro
As soon as we arrive in the village, the monument that welcomes us to Corniglia with the beautiful rose window.
3. A dip in Corniglia

Corniglia beaches
True, Corniglia is the only one that does not have direct access to the sea, but don't miss the Marina di Corniglia and the Spiaggione.
4. The Sanctuary of San Bernardino
The Sanctuary of San Bernardino
You get there with a nice walk, high above Corniglia, perhaps it deserves more the view of the village, than the sanctuary itself, but don't tell the Fine Arts...
6. The Lardarina staircase
The Lardarina staircase
Yes, don't say no. Yes yes yes, the 382 steps of the Lardarina are a must. I said yes.
7. Pizza, focaccia or ice cream? Pizza, focaccia, ice cream in Corniglia Still alive after the Lardarina, you deserved pizza by the slice, focaccia, farinata, ice cream, granita, spritz, gin and tonic...
8. A nice lunch or dinner Lunch or dinner in Corniglia We do not make tourists touch and go, let's sit quietly to try the cuisine of the Cinque Terre. Wide choice of restaurants.
9. The Guvano beach
The Guvano beach
We have not forgotten, the Guvano beach, a naturist beach. The problem is that it can now only be reached by sea!
10. Buy a handmade souvenir Vernazza
Buy a handmade souvenir
A handmade souvenir of Corniglia. In via Fieschi there are two small shops to pick up a nice souvenir: MG Cinque Terre and Fanny Bazar.