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What to do in the Cinque Terre? Too little time available? Don't waste a second, follow these quick guides to fully enjoy the five seaside villages.
Monuments to visit, hiking trails to go, what and where to eat, boat trips, souvenirs ...
Discover Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso.

1. A swim in Monterosso

Where to swim in Monterosso
A dip in the beach of Fegina, in front of the Monterosso seafront, is a must do. With a photo of the rock.
2. The Manarola-Volastra trail The Manarola-Volastra trail The Via dell'Amore is closed, but this is considered one of the most beautiful. From Volastra you can continue to Corniglia.
3. A boat tour
A boat tour
The Cinque Terre from the sea, truly unmissable.
4. Drink at Nessun Dorma
Nessun Dorma
The most evocative view of the Cinque Terre from this little place? What sunsets...
5. Try the sciacchetrà
The sciacchetrà
A passito that comes from heroic viticulture.
6. The Lardarina staircase
The Lardarina staircase
There are 382 steps from the station to the village of Corniglia. Essential.
7. The Doria castle
The Doria castle
Il simbolo di Vernazza, proteso verso il mare con la sua torre fotografata all'infinito.
8. The statue of the Giant
The statue of the Giant
A real gem, a statue of Neptune placed on the beach, the last vestiges of a villa on the sea of the past.
9. Visit a winery
Visit a winery
An activity to discover, among the vineyards of heroic viticulture.
10. The Walk of Love
The Walk of Love
At number 10 because not yet open! Otherwise to number 1, but now it's a matter of time...