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10 interesting facts about Vernazza

1. Vulnetia Vernazza Vernazza probably owes its name to an ancient Roman family: the gens Vulnetia.
2. Legend of Santa Margherita The church of Santa Margherita The church of Santa Margherita, according to the legend built right there, for the relic of a finger of the Saint which appeared twice in the same spot.
3. The watchtower, later a windmill
The Vernazza tower This is the name of the tower located at the beginning of the route towards Corniglia. First with defensive functions, then as a mill.
4. The patronal feast
The church of Santa Margherita On July 20: rice cakes and buccellato, charity fair, sports competitions and traditional bonfire on the beach to burn old things...
5. Il cannone del castello The Doria castle A bronze cannon with the inscription Comunitas Vernatiae is in the British Museum in London, or so they say.
6. The Belforte The Belforte tower The rock where the Belforte tower stands, overlooking the sea, is called Ventegà.
7. The municipality The former convent of the Franciscan Reformed Fathers The municipal seat is located in the former convent of the Franciscan Reformed Fathers.
8. An 800 year old tree The sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio It is a centuries-old cypress in front of the sanctuary of Nostra Signora di Reggio.
9. The "Tiàn de Vernàssa" The tian Vernazza The anchovy pan, a typical dish of Vernazza, with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, white wine...
10. The Maimuna cave Vernazza sea Between Vernazza and Monterosso, a sea cave, a place of legends.