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10 interesting facts about Riomaggiore

1. Profughi greci

Riomaggiore Legend has it that some Greek refugees founded Riomaggiore in the eighth century.
2. The village festival

The church of San Giovanni Battista On June 24 the patron saint of Riomaggiore is celebrated: San Giovanni Battista.
3. A secret passage
Boats in Riomaggiore In front of the small port, on the right there are a series of arches, the "loggia" on which stands the oldest nucleus of the town. Legend has it that here there was a secret passage that led to the castle.
4. A village with bridges

Telemaco Signorini Yes, before the coverage of the Rio Maggiore, some bridges connected the main street, as evidenced by a painting by Telemaco Signorini.
5. Telemaco Signorini Telemaco Signorini Telemaco Signorini, a Macchiaioli painter, lived for long periods in Riomaggiore and painted numerous canvases of the village and its inhabitants.
6. The construction of the railway Riomaggiore The arrival of the train divided the village in two, making an entire district, that of Malborghetto, disappear. Today the Marina is connected by the stairs that pass under the railway.
7. The mural by Silvio Benedetto The mural by Silvio Benedetto The town is embellished with a large mural by the Argentine artist Silvio Benedetto.
8. "Uservàn"

Riomaggiore This is the name of the entrance on the back of the tower houses, placed higher up, which allowed to enter the houses in case of storm.
9. The oldest church The small church of Sant'Antonio The patron saint is San Giovanni, but the oldest and most hidden church is dedicated to Sant'Antonio.
10. "Pidapünta"

Riomaggiore This is the name of a little-known and panoramic square, at the end of a staircase that climbs from the Marina towards the castle.