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10 interesting facts about Manarola

1. The bright nativity scene
The bright nativity scene of Manarola Since 1961, on the hill overlooking the village, a luminous nativity scene has been lit up with pieces of recycled iron.
2. The village festival

The church of San Lorenzo Very easy: August the 10th, San Lorenzo.
3. Locate the bastion
The bastion of Manarola Hidden among the houses is the last remaining vestige of the castle, the bastion facing the sea.
4. The lines of poetry
Manarola In the town cemetery, on the facade there are the lines of the poem "Liguria" by Vincenzo Cardarelli:
"O aperti ai venti e all’onde liguri cimiteri!
Una rosea tristezza vi colora
quando di sera, simile ad un fiore
che marcisce, la grande luce
si va sfacendo e muore."
5. The underground stream Via Discovolo In its last stretch, the Groppo stream was filled in. Until 1978 there were bridges that connected the two parts of Via Discovolo.
6. A pyramid between the houses Manarola Yes, but it was not Egyptians who emigrated here in antiquity. It is a small white concrete pyramid, a trigonometric sign for sailors.
7. Mussolini and Vittorio Emanuele III The sculpted face of Mussolini The faces of Mussolini and King Vittorio are sculpted on the steps of the oratory of the Disciplinati.
8. A village of millers.
Mill in Manarola There were five existing mills in Manarola, the first being the mill of the Barani, at the intersection of Via dei Mulini and Via Rollandi.
9. A disappeared church The aedicule of San Michele It is the small church of San Michele, which was located after the start of the climb towards the cemetery. Landslide into the sea. An altar of the Saint remembers it.
10. Altar of the Manes or big wheel?
Manarola The toponym Manarola may derive from "Manium arula", altar of the Manes (domestic Roman deities) or from "Magna Roea", large wheel, given the presence of numerous mills.