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10 interesting facts about Corniglia

1. Corniglia is the only one of the Cinque Terre not to have direct access to the sea Corniglia It stretches out on a promontory about 90 meters high.
2. Corniglia is divided into many "canti", small neighborhoods Corniglia Foraggiu, Caruggiu, a Serra, er Fossu, Castieve, Lordaina, a Madunetta, er Ciosu, er Canao, Cà Brusà, Bottella, Santa Maia, a Ciapaa...
3. The "Canto of Santa Maria" is so called for a church that collapsed into the sea
Corniglia Where now there is the terrace of Santa Maria, overlooking the sea.
4. The piazzetta Fosso
The tower of Corniglia Behind Largo Taragio, here is the only remaining tower of the defensive system of Corniglia. The view of Manarola from here is wonderful.
5. The Lardarina staircase
La Lardarina
The staircase of 382 steps that connects the village with the train station. A torture or a must?
6. Famous wine in old times and in the Middle Ages Cinque Terre wine Wine amphorae with the name "Cornelia" were found in Pompeii. Petrarch and Boccaccio named Corniglia in their works for the goodness of its wine.
7. An artist from Corniglia: Prospero Luxardi Church of San Pietro 17th century painter who left a large oil on canvas painting in the church of San Pietro depicting the mysteries of the Rosary and the Judgment.
8. Patron of the village is St. Peter The church of San Pietro It is celebrated on June 29th. The church of San Pietro is located at the beginning of the village, with the beautiful marble rose window.
9. The Fieschi cake Corniglia To celebrate the patron saint, it's typical to eat the Fieschi cake made with ladyfingers, chocolate and cream.
10. The remains of the Villaggio Europa, environmental destruction The Villaggio Europa Between the station and the Corniglia beach. No comment...